Here is NOFX frontman Fat Mike’s not-your-average top 10 of 2021

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It’s year-end list season, and we’ve also been asking musicians what their favorite music of the year is. This next list comes from NOFX frontman and Fat Wreck Chords founder Fat Mike, and it’s definitely not your average list. Take it away, Mike…

1. Best Record I produced: Codefendants
2. Second best record I produced: Sitting on Stacy
3. Best Rapper I produced: DOC
4. Coolest person I had dinner with: Paul Williams
5. Best Fat Mike’s Fat Mic podcast I did: Sean Whalen from Twister
6. Best new NOFX song: Everybody Else is Insane
7. Best Video I’d never seen before: The Bronx first video
8. Best place to buy latex: Rubber Eva
9. Best TV series: The Atlantic Crossing
10: Best book I read: The Bonobo Way by Dr Susan Block

We wanna know more about this dinner with Paul Williams!

Earlier this year, NOFX released their new album Single Album. Fat Mike has also been working on producing the new Fishbone album.

You can pick up a vinyl copy of Single Album and a handful of classic NOFX records in our store.

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